Nourish your body wisely and start living fully right now

Hi, my name is Maria Ximena Ospina, its great to meet you! Thank you for being in my website!

O.K ladies, lets get these facts straight: we all want pretty much the same things in life: be happy, be successful, have an amazing body, lots of real good friends and a great partner in life. The perfect life! And if you are already married or you are in a relationship, you also want to have an excellent bond with your other half. As I said the perfect life!

Clearly, the idea of a “perfect life” is an illusion. However, most of us, still try to achieve this idea of perfection in different ways and we only get more anxious, stressed and unhappy. Why is that? Because our approach is unrealistic and we keep excluding aspects of our lives that need to be reset and aligned. What aspects am I referring to? Conscious eating habits, mindfulness and intention.

The way we nourish our body and mind is crucial for our wellbeing, we think that by doing what the media, our family and friends say, we are going to be “just fine”. So we go along with it and live on “autopilot” for many years or our entire lives. We ignore the effect of certain foods in our system, ignore toxic relationships and we believe that being stressed, fatigued and lethargic is ok.

Well, I am here to remind you that it is not ok and there are no reasons to keep living on “autopilot”.

The moment we acknowledge and embrace the connection between conscious eating habits, mindfulness and intention we create positive changes in our lives and to all those around us. We stop surviving and we start living the life we want for ourselves. We take each moment with appreciation and make conscious decisions that bring wellness and happiness that is long-lasting.

I am here to create this new path with you and walk it with you.

This is why I am here and why you should listen to me..

I have been an active person since I was in school: biking, skating and enjoying the outdoors was my thing. Because I was active, I felt I could eat anything and everything. However, as I grew older and became an adult, my metabolism changed (obviously) and my health started to change too. I had constant stomach pains, developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), had bad skin and felt lethargic and moody. I took medication for years to control skin outbreaks that screwed up my hormonal system (which lead to infertility) and also damage my digestive system. Still, because I was active, I didn’t think I needed to change my eating habits or think differently. Added to this, I started my first corporate job (in the banking industry) and had to deal with stress at work, eating after hours and of course drinking more alcohol as I was introduced to happy hours to “release” the bad energy after a long week of hard work. (Does it sound familiar?) Many years passed, I worked different jobs, lived in different countries and my stress levels, digestive issues, and IBS came with me everywhere I went. It had to stop.

In 2004 a dear friend of mine talked to me about Vipasanna meditation – a silence retreat for 10 days – and I can truly say it was the beginning of a life change for me.

Not only did I learn to identify the constant chatty monkey in my mind, but also keep it under control, I started to be more conscious about how it affected my emotions and actions, and therefore my wellbeing. Hand in hand, I started learning about nutrition, healthy food options, the healing power of food, mindfulness and decided to make life changes for myself and help others around me. Now I live a happier life because I understand how to integrate active living + nourishing food + mindfulness and I want to contribute to the personal development of women and their families through the same path. Regardless of age, cultural background and career path, most women are so occupied with work and family commitments that they forget about caring for themselves. Furthermore, they set unrealistic expectations that make them feel exhausted and unhappy. I know this because I have been in the same position.

My intention is to serve you in a way that you can identify your needs, wants and desires and devise a plan to help you stop surviving and start living fully right now. Don’t wait another 5 or 10 years to start feeling healthier. Learn to honor your body, to detox your mind and be an active part of the health revolution that is so needed in this planet.

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Bear hugs!