Easy home made Ranch Dressing


Having a yummy salad dressing is just as important as the salad. I personally love vinaigrettes but I also get tired if I eat them everyday, so its always great to have a healthy dressing in your fridge for when you wish to have a creamier texture without having all the nasty ingredients of the conventional brands.

What nasty ingredients?

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – Flavor enhancer that causes headaches, allergic reactions, brain damages and learning disabilities

Soy bean or Soy Lecithin – High in Phytoestrogens that lead to women’s issues (breast cancer, endometriosis, fibroids)

Buttermilk – Saturated fats

Xhanthan Gum – Can cause allergies, gastrointestinal reactions, bloating

A dear friend gave me a book called Eat Raw Not Cooked by Stacy Stowers and this recipe is from this book. Totally recommend the book by the way.

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Low carb flaxseed & coconut pancakes


Hi there my lovely friends!

I have been experimenting quite a bit with flaxseed meal as a way to avoid refined flours and came by this recipe from craftycookingmama.com that you will love. It is high in protein and Omega 3 (Flaxseed meal) which is wonderful to keep a healthy weight apart from having many other benefits.

Ii is fluffy, light and tasty. (I wouldn’t share it otherwise) I made a few changes to the original recipe so here it goes!

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Kale and lentils soup



This soup is soooo easy to do and full of goodness. I love lentils so I decided to give it a twist adding kale and some species that a year ago I would have never thought of. I hope it inspires you to eat a healthy hearty soup. Its full of plant protein coming from the lentils and kale. You can eat it with brown basmati rice.

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Brownies de ahuyama


He buscado una receta de brownies que sea sana y al mismo tiempo deliciosa porque me encantan y no quiero que se sientan regañados al comerlos. Despues de mucho explorar y probar recetas, encontré esta que no es por nada pero quedan exquisitos. No puedo decir que me los inventé pero si que los hice y los puedo recomendar a ustedes sabiendo que les van a encantar.

Por: Lee Hersh

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Fermented foods: Pickled Okra

If you had a chance to read my blog about Gut Health, you will remember I mentioned that fermented foods are great to help us protect and increase our good bacteria. Well, I decided to do this recipe and I loveeee it! It was easy and the best part is that they last long so I don’t need to eat them all at once. So go ahead and start fermenting!

1 1/2 pounds of fresh Okra
4 garlic cloves
sliced lemons
2 cups of apple cider vinegar
2 cups of water
3 Tspns of salt
1 Tspn brown sugar
1 tspn fennel seeds
1 Tbsp chili flakes
1 tspn black peppercorns

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Banana Coconut Mini Cupcakes


IMG_5379 (1)

By: Maria X Ospina

Servings: 12 mini cupcakes

This recipe is super fun, easy and simple. I love to do it as a treat for my nephew who also loves cupcakes. It is light and healthy because it only has the sweetness of the banana and the blueberries.


Place all ingredients in the blender until bananas are fully broken down. Pour a bit of the batter in the mini cupcakes baking dish just to cover the bottom fully. Then add a couple of blueberries and finally continue to add the rest to fill the cup. Decorate with a blueberry on the top.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes on 325F (160 C) depending on the oven.

Your kids will LOVE them!

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